Liar, Liar, Coins on Fire!

Penalizing Equivocation By Loss of Bitcoins

We have designed completely decentralized non-equivocation contracts, which make it possible to penalize an equivocating party by the loss of its money. At the core of these contracts, there is a novel cryptographic primitive called accountable assertions, which reveals the party’s Bitcoin credentials if it equivocates. [Paper]


Realizing Non-Disclosure Agreement using Bitcoin Penalty

Non-Disclosure agreements between two parties are created to set the actions to be taken when confidential information is disclosed. Today, when an unauthorized disclosure occurs, the involved parties usually go to court, a really slow and costly process in most of the cases. SmartNDA is a smart contract based on the Bitcoin blockchain that allows two parties to set a non-disclosure agreement in such a manner that the unauthorized disclosure of information results in an immediate loss of Bitcoins for the misbehaving party. [Poster]

DUST-BT & FordChain

Detection of Unauthorized Supply Chain Tampering using Blockchain Technology

Currently, every player in a supply chain locally maintains its own copy of the activity log. This leads to high management costs and security problems such as equivocation and counterfeit of products. In DUST-BT & FordChain projects, we use the Hyperledger blockchain technology to maintain a distributed and yet single source of shared truth for supply chains. We have encoded rich business logics into smart contracts (or chaincode in Hyperledger terms) that allow a set of mutually distrusting players/companies to collaborate with a secure set of rules. [Poster]

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