Financial Freedom

1. Blockchains, Credit Networks, & Cryptocurrencies

We are observing an unprecedented growth of decentralized crypto-currencies (e.g., Bitcoin), payment networks (e.g., Ripple), and commercial blockchain solutions (e.g., Hyperledger). Through our several projects, we are not only improving security, privacy, and reliability of these inherently decentralized systems, but also exploring applications of these technologies to supply chains and beyond.

For more information, follow the project webpage.

Communication Freedom

2. Anonymous Communication Networks, & Censorship Evasion

We design and analyze efficient, provably secure cryptographic solutions for anonymity networks (e.g., Tor) and privacy in the emerging scenarios (e.g., online advertising) over the Internet. Recently, we are also pursuing topics such as finding lower-bounds on communication anonymity, and bootstrapping censorship-evasive communication.

For more information, follow the project webpage.

Right to Conceal & Reveal

3. Longitudinal Privacy, Information Escrows

We analyze users’ deletion habits on the online platform and the associated Streisand effect. We propose effective counter-measures to protect those deletions from the cyberstalkers, cyberbullies, and blackmailers.

Accountability and Transparency

4. Data Provenance, Sybil-tolerance, Accountable Anonymity

We have designed a secure data transfer architecture facilitating transparency in malicious data lineage scenarios. Against the sybil attacks in online reputation systems, we have developed an tampering detection approach that allows system operators to detect computations manipulated by a variety of attacker strategies without going after the individual Sybil nodes.