Coin Shuffle

Practical Decentralized Coin Mixing for Bitcoin

CoinShuffle is a completely decentralized Bitcoin mixing protocol that allows users to utilize Bitcoin in a truly anonymous manner. CoinShuffle is inspired by the accountable anonymous group communication protocol Dissent and enjoys several advantages over its predecessor Bitcoin mixing protocols. It does not require any (trusted, accountable or untrusted) third party and it is perfectly compatible with the current Bitcoin system. [Paper]

DiceMix and CoinShuffle++

P2P Mixing and Unlinkable Bitcoin Transactions

In this work, we show that a P2P Mixing protocol cannot simultaneously provide anonymity, termination and support mixing of fixed messages. Given that, our P2P mixing protocol DiceMix only supports fresh messages while ensuring anonymity and termination. Additionally, Dicemix is asymptotically and practically more efficient than all other P2P mixing protocols. Finally, DiceMix is an ideal privacy-enhancing primitive for crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. As a representative example, we use DiceMix to define CoinShuffle++, a coin mixing protocol for Bitcoin. [Paper]


Mixing Confidential Transactions: Comprehensive Transaction Privacy for Bitcoin

Previous privacy-enhacing technologies used in Bitcoin address only specific issues. For instance, coin mixing protocols focus on unlinkability between sender and receiver while the transacted values remain public. ValueShuffle provides for the first time comprehensive privacy: ValueShuffle ensures the anonymity of mixing participants as well as the confidentiality of their payment values even against otehr possibly malicious mixing participants. [Paper]